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Domain Names

Your domain name can tip the balance in your favour in the SEO stakes, so your choice of domain name is important. The type of domain you choose depends on the purpose of your site. A UK based company in most cases should go for a domestic .co.uk domain and, maybe, buy the matching .com generic TLD (now effectively subsumed by the good old U.S of A. but still a potentially useful tool) and forward it to your .co.uk. You should certainly ensure that your host’s servers are in the UK.

Additionally, of course, it is not just the type of domain that can give you an edge over competitors but the name itself. A well chosen domain name can give you a head start in aiming for the top spot on Google.

Powernetic’s domain name check and search service typically costs just £49 for a small to medium business including a scan of your business to ensure your website name matches your business and gets your SEO campaign off to the best possible start. The price includes two years registration of a .co.uk (or similar) domain or 1 year of a .com (or similar) domain.

Our fixed price website design packages include a domain name search and a .co.uk domain. Our bespoke website design service includes an analysis of your web domain needs and the cost of searching and helping you to select your domain name(s) will be included in our quote/estimate.


Whatever your email needs, from a single address to thousands, we can help! We will discuss your needs and advise you of the best value means of fulfilling them. For example, if you just want a professional looking personal email address, we can do it for you for just £25 for two years with a .co.uk email address or for one year with a .com email address. A hundred 250MB email addresses costs £199 per year (note: the 250MB refers to the storage space on the server for each account, if you only use webmail you will have to delete emails when you reach this limit, however, if you use a computer based email program (e.g. Outlook), you will be able to store as many emails locally as you want). There are numerous other configurations possible (e.g. 25 x 25MB for £49pa, 1000 x 25MB for £149pa, 25 x 1GB accounts for £199pa or combinations such as 5 x 2GB + 150 x 150MB for £199pa).

Despite the plethora of offers available, emails really are simple but it is important that you don’t fall for the numerous ‘X-hundred accounts for £19.99’ type offers out there as you are likely to find that you have a 10MB limit on each account (some individual emails are 10MB these days!) and an overall limit of 2GB on the lot. We will advise you fairly – and if the cheapo offers are the best for your situation – we’ll tell you!

Additionally, we can add auto-responders to specific accounts and a catch-all facility to the overall account (for spelling mistakes. This is important to avoid missed business opportunities!)

Give us a call and we’ll help you make the best decision for your situation.

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