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Our Bespoke Service works like this:

  1. You contact us.
  2. We work with you to identify your requirements.
  3. We provide a quote and program.
  4. You accept the quote and pay 50% (minimum £500 or complete fee - whichever is less).
  5. We work with you to design the website (on paper and with Microsoft Word mock-ups).
  6. You accept the design and pay 50% of the outstanding fee.
  7. We develop the website to match the design.
  8. You accept the website and pay the outstanding fees.
  9. The Website goes live.

Our full design and development process is absolutely focussed on you and your wants and needs. All the decisions are ratified by you as the process evolves. We do everything we can to help you make sure the final website suits your needs entirely. You’re the boss!

Our Fixed Price Packages work like this:

  1. You contact us.
  2. Between us we check your requirements fit the chosen package and you pay 50% of the fee.
  3. Requirements and high level design decisions (colour scheme, fonts, layout, etc) are quickly agreed.
  4. We develop the website.
  5. You accept the website and pay the outstanding fees.
  6. The Website goes live.

This is a condensed version of our full design and development process. You are still in full control. The main difference is that the middle bit is squeezed up! We work together to ‘roughly design’ the website. We will probably not produce any mock-ups and the requirements and design phases become, effectively, a single step (Step 3). Detail must be agreed and signed-off during Step-3.

An ability for you to visualise your site and get it across to us is a big help. Ideally we would deal with one person (the one who has the website vision!)

You provide textual content (and any graphics, logo, etc). We then develop the website based on the agreed outline design. You get an opportunity to tweak the site after development but there can be no major (time consuming) changes after Step 3 so it is imperative that we get it right between us. There is a slightly increased risk of things going wrong with the Fixed Price Packages compared to the Bespoke Service but we are good at managing this risk! We know where the hazards lie and how to mitigate them (you may think we are overdoing the questioning at Step 3, but we assure you – it is necessary for success!)

A Common Risk to be Aware of:

As with all IT design projects there is a risk that the nerds (us) will assume too much prior knowledge of the normal people (you the customer)! In practice this often leads to a common pitfall which is that web designers think that normal people already understand the design and development process. What happens is the Design gets done with insufficient input from the customer and then the customer wants to make loads of changes during Development which they end up having to pay for.

The key point is that the Design Phase is where we need your full attention and input. The output of the Design Phase is a fully agreed and signed-off website even though it may only exist on paper and/or in mock-up form.

The reason for this is that it is much easier to rub out a web-page element and replace it with something else on a mock-up than it is from a fully developed and coded web-page! A simple change of functionality can take many hours/days/weeks to implement.

At Powernetic we are skilled at ensuring we get to the nub of your requirements in the first place and incorporate them into the design straight away. We are also open and honest (and won’t hold you to ransom) in those situations where you decide you do want a change after a design element has been signed-off. We will endeavour to incorporate changes into an existing project and we will try to do it for free. However, we cannot guarantee that it can be done for free and, where it can’t, we will give you full narrative explaining why along with a quote and program.

Other Services

Corporate Branding

Our branding service ranges from designing a single logo to a full Corporate (re)Branding service. For the full service our Business Consultant will scan your business and work with you to create a brand that will appeal to your target market by positively projecting your business and its vision, policies and ethics. Design of a standalone business-matched logo starts at just £39.

Website Graphic Design

Our Fixed Price Packages and quotes for Bespoke Services include some Graphic Design. However, if you require additional graphics for your website (or stationary,etc) we can design this for you.

Website Photography

We provide a photography and video production service for your website. Website photography and video is not about turning up with a case load of Nikons, a dozen lenses and a portable studio, it is an altogether simpler affair! As this implies, it is often vastly overspecified and therefore much more expensive than it need be. Our service provides good quality compositions and productions at a suitable quality level to balance online viewing experience with file size - all at a reasonable price. The biggest cost is often the travel which is why we don't do as much of this as we'd like to. So, if we are visiting you for any other reason, perhaps during the design and development of your website, consider asking us to take the opportunity to take photos or produce a video to save on travelling costs!

Hardware & Software

We can also fix your computer! We provide a general IT advice service for small businesses including: computer repairs & upgrades, network (wired and wireless) setup, advice on data recovery and security, building computers to your specification, etc.

Anything Else...

Whatever your computing or internet needs, no job is too big or too small. Get in touch, we can probably help!

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